Miguel Sano: The Next Big Thing.

Last year the Minnesota Twins signed a Dominican Republic prospect by the name of Miguel Jean (Sano). The Twins signed Sano to a record breaking $3.15 million dollar signing bonus. Sano then 16 was one of the most saught after international prospects at that time and had been getting compared to A-Rod, Pujols AND Hanley Ramirez. Only 16 Sano was already 6’4″ and weighed aroud 195 lbs. He plays short stop right now but as he keeps growing and becomes stronger a move to the outfield or third base seems like a strong possibility.

In his first season of professional ball Sano is having a very solid year, in fact he is downright tearing up rookie ball, yes it’s rookie ball but remember Sano is now only 17 years old! In rookie ball Sano has a triple slash line of .308/.343./.538. That is pretty sick if you ask me. He has excellent power and extra base hitting ability. 6 of his 20 hits in rookie ball are doubles. Keep in mind he’s put up these stats in only 17 games with the rookie ball team.

In the Dominican Summer league Sano has put up even BETTER stats, which is hard to believe.  In 20 games Sano had a triple slash line of .344/.463/.537. That is filthy. He also showed his power with 4 bombs and 23 RBI. He only had 2 doubles but in rookie ball he has shown the ability to hit them.

As I was looking through sites for some sabermetric stats I didn’t find as much as I wanted. I did find some for Sano’s year in rookie ball. One thing that isn’t what I wanna be seeing is his 28.6K%. That is pretty bad if you ask me and anyone else. One of my friends did say though that he is reminded of Sammy Sosa because of the Ks but also the power. He is young so he should be able to work on that. He also only walked 4.8% of the time. Another bleh. His wOBA (weighted on base average) is .360 which shows that Sano is an above average hitter, not a great one. Yet. For those of you that don’t know what wOBA is just think of OBP. So under .300 is poor, .340 or around that is about average and .400 and anything above is great. His BABIP (Batting Average on Balls in Play) is a staggering .381. So Sano is getting pretty lucky and that should start to go down to maybe around .330 or so thus giving his average a hit.

I’m not sure how he is on defense because I couldn’t really find anything but Sano should give Twins fans a reason to get excited. Sano should shoot through the farm system and could be with the Twins as soon as 2012 when he’ll be 19. He’s that good.

Well, thanks for reading my first post! Feel free to comment and tell me how you liked it or give me advice to let me know what I need to improve on!


*I wrote this awhile on my old blog, his stats have changed a little but I don’t feel like updating everything right now.*